Venereology is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Venerology is a field of medicine that is focused on diagnosis and therapy of sexually transmitted diseases.

However a visit at a venerologist may be embarrassing to you, you should not delay this visit.
Depending on the microbes causing the infection, the venerologist will plan and implement a relevant treatment. Avoidance of follow-up visits may cause recurrence or aggravation of your symptoms. Do not discontinue or modify the treatment unless clearly recommended by a specialist. Infections of the private parts that are not properly and completely cured tend to relapse. They do not resolve spontaneously, either. If left untreated, they usually lead to serious health problems that may result in infertility, among others.

Regular visits at a venerologist are particularly recommended if you change your sexual partners frequently. You should remember that sexual intercourse is not the only mechanism of infection transmission. The disease may also be transmitted, among others, by a contact with infected blood (HIV).

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