A psychiatrist who deals with the prevention and treatment of mental disorders and diseases. Psychiatric consultation consists in gathering a full interview from the patient.

A psychiatrist collects a comprehensive patient history and asks questions about disease symptoms and mental disorders, as well as about life situation of the patient. Psychiatrists treat depression, anxiety disorders and neuroses, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, bipolar affective disorder, dementia, age-related mental disorders, personality disorders, nutrition disorders, sleep disturbances, addictions and adaptive reactions caused by difficult life situations.


  • you experience a reduced mood, loss of strength, you are not happy;
  • you often feel fear, anxiety;
  • you have trouble sleeping, an appetite;
  • Your mood is inadequately elevated, you have difficulty concentrating;
  • you experience unusual symptoms in the form of voices, visions;
  • suicidal thoughts appear in you;
  • Your family and your relatives are concerned about your behavior, you want to check if everything is alright;
  • you have a problem with alcohol or other psychoactive substances;
  • you overuse sedatives and sleeping pills;
  • you can not cope with life situations in which most people you know would manage;
  • you notice a deterioration in memory;
  • you suffer from chronic pain that does not have a somatic cause it is worth visiting a psychiatrist.

Price list

No. Service name Price
1 Psychiatrist CONSULTATION 180 zł

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