BP Holter is a common name for 24-hour blood pressure recording – ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). Measurements are done automatically by appropriate pre-programming of the Holter device so you do not have to pay attention to the function of the device when performing your daily activities. The use of the Holter device allows also for night-time measurements thus enabling comparison of the results from the vigilance and sleeping periods and qualification of the Patient to one of the following four categories: dipper, non-dipper, extreme dipper or inverse dipper.

Another advantage of the use of BP Holter is that it minimises the risk of obtaining false results induced by the stress to which the Patient is exposed during a single measurement, in particular the stress related to the so-called ‘white coat syndrome’.

When is it recommended to have a BP Holter done?

  • A 24-hour blood pressure record is prescribed when there is a probability that office measurements differ significantly from real-life levels or if discrepant results are found. The following may support the need to have a BP Holter:
    significant differences between the results obtained during the examination at the doctor’s office and the results obtained at home;
  • differences between individual office measurements exceeding 20 mm Hg;
  • high blood pressure levels in people who do not belong to the high cardiovascular risk group;
  • treatment-resistant arterial hypertension;
  • monitoring of the efficacy of the pressure-lowering treatment used;
  • diabetes, in particular type 1 diabetes and pregnancy-induced diabetes;
  • arterial hypertension in pregnant women;
  • symptoms suggestive of a possibility of the occurrence of periodic blood pressure drops (fainting, dizziness);
  • suspicion of significant blood pressure fluctuations at night.

Price list

No. Service name Price
1 PRESSURE HOLTER 100 - 130 zł