A graduate of psychological studies (clinical psychology and health) at the Warsaw USWPS. She gained experience, among others at the Daily WUL Clinic Psychiatry Unit (co-led group psychotherapy and relaxation classes), as well as at the 24-hour SPDSK Developmental Psychiatry, family and youth counseling center (participant in the Reflective Team taking part in family psychotherapy sessions and individual youth) and cooperating with the Foundation Dr Clown (pediatric departments) and the Well-You Found Foundation (oncological and hematological departments).

He also deals with crisis intervention and distance counseling as part of the Crisis Phone Trust. Earlier, she completed pedagogical and artistic studies and numerous trainings in the field of dance therapy.
She worked with victims of violence, patients with personality and nutrition disorders and artists. She conducted dance therapy with elements of support group and relaxation.

Area of ​​individual consultations / support / psychological counseling:

– problems with emotions (shyness / shyness, sadness, guilt)

– existential and identity problems (low self-esteem, senseless life, loneliness)

– problems in relationships with other people (relationship, family, friendship, professional environment)

– crisis situations (parting with a close person, loss / death of a loved one, job loss, difficult changes in life “being on the bend”, experiencing constant criticism or violence from other people)

– counseling (over 18 years old) for young adults

– A support group for students starting their studies in Warsaw (coming from other towns with concerns about a new life situation, experiencing problems in the area of ​​interpersonal relations, etc.), allowing them to receive acceptance and understanding of other group participants, increase self-esteem, express experienced emotions, understand yourself, more effectively deal with stressful situations – max. 12 people, duration of one meeting: 90 minutes.

Entries: we invite you to an individual consultation with Ms. Psychologist.