Job offers at BEST-MED

In connection with the development of the Medical Center, we invite doctors and specialists, as well as cosmetologists, cosmetologists and podologists, to cooperate. We offer work in a friendly atmosphere, in a well-coordinated team, with the possibility of adapting the schedule. The center is equipped with modern medical equipment, enabling diagnosis and performing treatments. The location of the facility allows for quick access from all parts of Warsaw and its surroundings. We invite you to contact us.

tel. 609-505-600


Why us?

Our specialists are prominent doctors with many years of experience, known and respected among patients.

We guarantee top quality medical care, no waiting lists and patient-oriented attitude. Long working hours of our facility allow you to choose convenient visit time and our location in the centre of the city (Śródmieście), near the Central Railway Station, makes us easily accessible, also when you use public transport.

A wide range of specialisations is represented in our clinic (internal medicine, orthopaedics, cardiology, ENT medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, occupational medicine) as well as a wide range of diagnostic tests is available. In BEST-MED, we offer laboratory tests, heart ECHO, Holter ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, as well as ultrasound examination that will be done with the use of a modern machine.

Our physiotherapists will help you return to your prior level of functioning after an injury, as well as help you control recurrent backbone and joint pains. We offer various methods of rehabilitation, including manual therapy, kinesitherapy and physiotherapy and each time we select the therapy that is best suited for the patient.

Each day we do our best to guarantee you top quality of our services.